Digital Media Expert. Cultivator of Relationships. Shift Disturber. Professional Elephant Hunter. Intrapreneur. Speaker. Community Engager & Builder. Teacher.

What's engaging to me, is that which creates a dialogue. I've always been a geek of the curious kind which has most recently translated into my love, embrace and work in social media. After 15 years of working in ICT in sales, education, operations, end to end process design and program management with a number of national telecommunications carriers in Canada, I am currently the Manager, Digital Communications for Ontario's premiere innovation hub.

Collaboration is key. I intrinsically believe that when we all win, we all win. It impacts how I work, and how I live. I’m an exceptional connector. I understand how connecting people and ideas benefits people, provides opportunities, and my instincts are valued by my connections. And it’s not about the numbers.

I’m an excellent, award-winning communicator. Whether in 140 characters or in long form, I’m able to craft messaging & campaigns that are topical, provides impact, and are engaging and authentic. I create events and experiences that are goal driven and have purpose.

Operations matter. As a process designer, I’ve created efficiencies and saved my organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. As a Project Manager, I’ve managed the implementation of projects that have ranged from $2M to $35M. Due to my background as a Business Analyst and Project Manager, I have an innate understanding of the importance of establishing best practices and how to measure their impact. It's more than just work for me, of course.

I consider myself a renaissance woman; a lover of all things creative, expressive and engaging, from art to music, from food to wine, from language to anthropology.